Dr. Javier Arranz during one of his daily press conferences.


Dr. Javier Arranz, the spokesperson for the committee for the management of infectious diseases, said on Thursday that by next week a situation of "zero transmission" of coronavirus could be reached in the Balearics.

He explained that this zero transmission would not mean "zero contagion" and that there are no new cases but that infections will not occur so much among the general population but be specific to the likes of heath centres and care homes. Although infections will continue, this scenario will allow for "greater control over transmission", with the acute phase of transmission having passed.

Given this situation, work is under way to increase the "rapid" detection of people with respiratory symptoms and those who do not present symptoms. This would facilitate the detection of as many people as possible who are susceptible to virus transmission.

The next step would be to make detection instruments available to health facilities that are closest to the population, such as health centres. This detection would be implemented in phases, starting with health personnel, the elderly with or without symptoms, and people who live with others who have tested positive.

As to whether this "transmission control" could lead to a de-escalation of the current confinement rules, Arranz stressed that this would be a decision for the national ministry of health and for the bodies which advise the regional government. No such decision has yet been taken.


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Zoe / Hace about 1 year

Every year farmers in UK employ over 300,000 seasonal workers. Many of these have to be trained, and many of the migrant workers are those who have been trained and are skilled coming back to UK every year. They are not paid £3 per hour but the national minimum wage. Feed the nation Concordia has advertised and there has been an overwhelming response but few of the applicants have an experience in farming or willing to put in the very long hours. the harvests in UK could go to waste which mean very high food prices. The Concordia are still advertising for worker in May and onwards. Yes it is a risk to bring people in from overseas, but what is the answer? Let food goes to waste, prices go up which means less affordability or bring skilled seasonal workers in, meanwhile train more local applicants and hope that as soon as other jobs become available they will not up and leave? Tough choice!


Tony / Hace about 1 year

Stay safe not like the Uk d....khead government allowing plane loads of Romanians to come to the Uk to work in fields picking fruit PROTECT THE NHS WHAT A JOKE where have they suddenly found all the coved 19 tests to test them with as we can’t get one and what’s wrong with 2 million of our own unemployed oh I know it’s the £3 an hour they work for PROTECT THE NHS BY GIVING THEM EVEN MORE TO DO absolute clowns