35 Balearic Port & Aiport passengers have Covid-19 symptoms.

35 Balearic Port & Aiport passengers have Covid-19 symptoms.

20-04-2020Ultima Hora

More than 19,300 people have been checked for coronavirus at ports and airports in the Balearic Islands up to April 16, according to the Ministry of Health & Consumer Affairs.

Only 35 of the arrivals had symptoms of Covid-19 according to questionnaires and clinical assessments.

Of the 10,346 passengers arriving at Balearic ports, 10,046 stated that they had no symptoms; 107 said they had some symptoms and three people who arrived in Majorca, had coronavirus symptoms. 193 of the arrivals who did not fill out the questionnaires properly were later identified.

Of the 8,958 passengers Airline passengers arriving in the Balearic Islands, 8,728 stated that they had no symptoms, 230 indicated that they did have some symptoms and 32 arrivals in Majorca and 2 in Ibiza had coronavirus symptoms.

Those with Covid-19-compatible symptoms were isolated at Airport and Port facilities, evaluated, given contact information for Healthcare Professionals and told to go home safely.


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

If you had followed the news, you could have known that people are allowed to fly to their respective home countries, same for Mallorquin residents to get back to Mallorca.


Cristina / Hace about 1 year

Please can we have clarification of who these passengers were and why they have been allowed in to Mallorca when frontiers are supposed to be closed!


Gareth / Hace about 1 year

And you thought the Ports and Airport we closed. It appears however there were 20,000 exceptions to that rule.