Some promotional spending will be reallocated to next year.

30-09-2019Gemma Andreu

The Minorca Tourism Foundation is redesigning its promotional strategy, with the intention of initially directing a campaign at island residents before expanding this to the Balearics as a whole and then the national market.

The president of the Council of Minorca, Susana Mora, who is also president of the foundation, says that there is a common objective among organisations which form the foundation, e.g. the Minorca Hoteliers Association, and this is to mitigate as much as possible the effects of an "unprecedented and very difficult season".

While the focus is local and national, international promotion is not being overlooked. Some campaigns in foreign markets were already paid for before restrictions were introduced, and the foundation wants to send a positive message to tour operators and online agencies. "We cannot abandon the relationship with these markets," Mora stresses.

The cancellation of travel fairs and other promotional initiatives will allow a reallocation of funding, quite possibly to the first quarter of next year, which is normally a key time for holiday bookings in the UK and other foreign markets.

In the short term, the campaign to be directed at the Minorcan residential market will encourage residents to travel to different parts of the island after weeks of confinement. This will principally be of benefit to smaller hotels as well as to restaurants - once they are able to reopen, that is.


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Martin Craven / Hace about 1 year

What sort of backward thinking is this? Surely this is a joke right?


Andy / Hace about 1 year

What a superb idea. These people at the tourism council are smart cookies. So it works something like this. A cash strapped family of 4 pack their suitcases and then drive 3 miles up the road to stay at a hotel. They spend the next fortnight frequenting local bars and restaurants and buying gifts to take back in order to remember their special holiday. They also pay tourist tax, adding even more value to the economy. Its a virtuous circle and Minorca gets wealthy. I have to congratulate the tourism council on such brilliant out of the box thinking.