Only to be expected that Palma's number is far higher than other municipalities.

30-03-2020Jaume Morey

The Balearic government is now releasing figures of coronavirus cases by municipality. On Monday, the director-general for public health, Maria Antonia Font, reported that there have so far been 1,009 cases in Palma and ninety in Calvia, which has the second highest population in Majorca after Palma. In Marratxi, the municipality with the fifth highest population, there have been 69. Away from Majorca, the highest number has been seventy in Ibiza.

In terms of numbers of cases per 10,000 residents, Sant Joan is registering a rate of 37.95. In real terms, the number is eight; Sant Joan's population (2019 figure) is 2,108. Costitx has a rate of 31.06 (four cases), and Es Mercadal, Minorca a rate of 37.71 (nineteen cases).

Font explained that these were numbers as of Saturday. The figures are to now be regularly updated and there is to be a website with the information. In general terms, Font noted, the rate of the number of coronavirus cases in the Balearics per 10,000 people is 15.55. She added that the information per municipality will allow "predictions of how de-escalation will evolve", but she stressed that this wouldn't mean different approaches.

Speaking about the possibility that children up to the age of twelve will be allowed out from next Monday, Dr. Javier Arranz, the spokesperson for the coronavirus committee, said that any increase in people's movement is a risk. It will be necessary to be "prepared" for children going out, just as it has been with employees in non-essential activities returning to work.

Arranz added that there is "stability" in the number of cases and highlighted the fact that over one thousand patients have recovered (out of a total of 1,788 cases). However, he called for caution and to wait for data later this week and next week that will be "important" in assessing the impact of the return to work.


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