Lockdown rules for children relaxed

Lockdown rules for children relaxed

21-04-2020Luis Tejido

From April 27, children under the age of 14 will be allowed to accompany adults to the supermarket, the pharmacy and the bank.

"This is a partial relief from confinement," said third deputy prime minister, María Jesús Montero, but she pointed out that both adults and children must comply with the protection rules.

"We appeal to the individual fathers and mothers to be responsible and that when they go out in the street it is done with the guarantee of their safety and the safety of others around them," she said. "We are in a long distance race where not letting our guard down is essential. We see a ray of hope with every day that passes as the spread of the virus slows down, but achievements must be consolidated."


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peter mansour / Hace about 1 year

This is a truly idiotic proposal. Rather than letting children outside with their parents were they can stay a safe distance away from everyone, they will force them all into a box where they can be with the other hordes. I'm all for being safe, but I'm not for being stupid.


Geoff / Hace about 1 year

Supermarket is the most craziest decision for children. I cannot believe that they have not said the beach promenade, the beach for the kids and families. Beaches in Mallorca especially where there is a high density of the population with families - we have a very wide promenade. Very wide street with no cars in Playa de Palma at the beach front, plus a very wide beach. Also Palma seafront is the same. Magaluf beach and Palma Nova is also large, with space.

Meanwhile they say the supermarket - where they can touch loads of things, there are too many people crossing the aisles already. Bizarre in my opinion.


Kasper Tvede / Hace about 1 year

Why not kids over 13??? This is crazy. The Numbers of dead or infected in Mallorca are so low, it doesn’t make any difference. We get more dead from depression of this continues


Andrew Rauch / Hace about 1 year

Who can make any sense with this new rule. So here we go finally we can let our children out of confinement so instead of taking then for a safe walk around the neighborhood lets rather take them toa place like supermarkets and pharmacies where they can really get infected. Do these rule makers have any brains at all?


Zoe / Hace about 1 year

Lock down relaxed? this is no relaxation of Lock down at all. So parents have to try and find a supermarket a kilometre or two away from home so the kids go be out a little longer!! Come on Sp[an government, get your act together and let at least kids go out and play. How do you think this extended draconian measures going to effect the mental well being of kids cooped up in apartments day in day out??? It seems that only Spain and Italy are inflicting that on their population, every else in Europe lock down is more relaxed and that might be a factor in reaching a plateau in shorter time.


John D / Hace about 1 year

That's just stupid. I just don't understand that. There are no benefits in this change - just kids running around stores and touching everything and spreading germs on everything. Who even wants to go to the supermarket, pharmacy or bank with kids in a normal scenario if it's possible to go without? Single parents have had this possibility all the time anyway.


S. / Hace about 1 year

María Jesús Montero is not a deputy prime minister, neither the first (Carmen Calvo) nor the second (Pablo Iglesias) nor the third (Nadia Calviño) nor the fourth (Teresa Ribera). She is the Ministra de Hacienda and government spokesperson.


Kay / Hace about 1 year

Children do not do as they are told under normal circumstances, what makes the Government think they will comply to rules now? We are told that they need to oxygenate after a 5 week period in lockdown. Allowing them in shops and banks etc. will be a car ride from home to these places. Why not just open the schools or play parks, instead of allowing them to infect the places most people HAVE to visit. Including the most vulnerable of people. Oxygenating, means getting fresh , not a visit to the shops! Not forgetting the shop assistants that will have to endure yet more germs and putting their lives at risk Bad idea! Exercise, yes, shops no.


Henk / Hace about 1 year

What a joke, it doesn't make sense to ban people from going for a walk !