Catalina Cladera, president of the Council of Majorca.

20-04-2020Teresa Ayuga

The president of the Council of Majorca, Catalina Cladera, said on Tuesday that as soon as tourism can be reactivated and in a safe way, "this must be done". "It is clear that we cannot wait for a vaccine in order to restart the economy." She insisted that "we cannot give up on" this season.

Cladera observed that the issue of safety should be the "value that sets us apart from other destinations". "The health service in the Balearics has demonstrated better control of the pandemic than in other regions. Together with the insularity factor, we must know how to take advantage of this in order to attract tourism."

Agreeing with what President Armengol had to say at the weekend about health controls at the islands' ports and airports, she added that ways of travelling and tourism will change. Therefore, travellers coming to Majorca will need to be aware of new protection measures that have to be followed.

The Council of Majorca is working to "adapt to the new reality". The first step in this will be to recover the local, inter-island market, then the national market and finally the international market, for which there will need to be monitoring of travellers.

In coming up with a post-coronavirus tourism reactivation plan, Cladera noted that, more than ever, new tourist products will be required in order to diversify the whole tourism offer. Majorca will be presented as "a leading, quality, sustainable and innovative destination, concepts to which we must now add safety".


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andre / Hace about 1 year

this is utterly ridiculous , its not practical nor safe to travel anywhere , there's restrictions to get into a supermarket let alone be in restaurants and hotels etc the grim reality is that unless there's a vaccine , there is absolutely no point in trying to do anything that could lead to a surge of cases its tough ..... but its tough for everybody , we don't call the shot .... the virus does


Lisa / Hace about 1 year

It’s a good idea to use this time to market Mallorca as a quality, eco friendly island. But that means taking a serious look at cruise ship visits, all-inclusives and the booze-incentivised resorts. That would take bravery. As for the ‘home tourists’ first move. That’s insane. We are an island. Therefore the safety of where the tourist comes from and airport checks are the key point. Think geography chaps, not nationalism.


DavidG / Hace about 1 year

Looks like the daily Delusion tablet has taken effect.........?....


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

You suggest that international travellers will need monitoring, but not national. I would have thought all travellers will need monitoring. Travellers from Madrid would obviously need plenty of caution whereas someone from Germany would probably be much less of a risk, judging by the data. On that point, Germany is already relaxing some restrictions and has shown a good handle on keeping a lid on the virus. Surely they should be targeted as a matter of priority as amongst the first tourists to return to the islands?


Phil / Hace about 1 year

The woman us utterly deluded. No one will want to go through the hassle of getting an EU health passport, then spending hours being tested at the origin airport and then again at Palma airport. In between flying on an aircraft that is forced to operate at 50% so the fares will be double. Then when they have gone through all that, half the bars and restaurants in Mallorca will have closed down. Mallorca is nice, but let me tell you, its not nice enough to go through all that hassle. Much rather (and safer) to get in a car and drive down to a rented villa in the South of France or Cornwall. I am sorry Mallorca, until there is a vaccine, you dont have a tourist industry.


Lynn Moores / Hace about 1 year

Ironically, having clearly favoured hotel tourism and made it very difficult for private rentals, when tourism starts to return guests may feel safer in private apartments and villas rather than being herded together in huge hotels!