Government changes coronavirus restrictions for kids.

Government changes coronavirus restrictions for kids.

21-04-2020Ultima Hora

The Health Minister has rectified statements made earlier about the criteria for children during the State of Emergency.

Salvador Illa confirmed that kids under the age of 14 can go for walks with their parents from April 27, but the details of how long or where they can go have still to be defined.

On Saturday, the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, said children under 14 would not be able to go for a walk but has backed down after his statement reportedly generated substantial criticism.

Earlier on Tuesday the Government announced that children would only be allowed to accompany their parents to the supermarket, the chemist and the bank.

The Director of the Centre for the Coordination of Alerts & Health Emergencies, Fernando Simón, warned that the de-escalation of restrictions on kids will be controlled.

"They are not going to go out freely to start playing with all their neighbours like they did before," he said, “if people think it’s going to be, just open the door and get together with children from all over the neighbourhood, then we may have a problem; it's a question of responsibility.”

The Government is also said to be considering allowing adults exercise alone for one hour each day.


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zoe / Hace about 1 year

It is great that kids go out for a walk, of course they are required to be accompanied by an adult. So why not the adults without kids are not allowed the same? Are people with no kids do not need the walk? After 6 weeks of being in and only travel to supermarket isn't it time Spain followed other countries and let people go for a walk? going out and seeing other people even with physical distancing can reduce stress caused by social isolation and it is time this important factor is considered.


Sarah / Hace about 1 year

I’m sorry but I think this is ridiculous, the last place I’d like to take my child is into the pharmacy, that’s as bad as sitting in a doctors waiting room. All children have been isolated for 6 weeks so why can’t they be let back in parks or beaches?


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Really? Only allowed out to go the supermarket, bank and chemists? Are they without any understanding, experience or plain common sense about children and young adults? By trying to overcontrol the population they are going to tie themselves in ever contradictory knots, confuse everyone and create chaos. Perhaps they should use their own data to allow regions to de-escalate as appropriate? There is comparatively little virus here on Mallorca, so let the islands loosen up a bit more and monitor the situation (such as: one hour social distanced exercise allowed outside each day), so that when other areas near a lower infection rate then the govt will have some experience of what worked or didn't here. I fear not though. Everyone must obey Madrid, causing further resentment towards central Govt. As if they haven't got enough not that already!


Kurt Kopta / Hace about 1 year

We are now prisons for two month and need fresh air and movement and freedom


RT / Hace about 1 year

The above article is not accurate and is misleading. From the 26th April children will be allowed to leave their homes for accompanied walks from April 26 onward, after plans announced by the Cabinet earlier in the day to restrict such trips outside for youngsters to just visits to the supermarket, pharmacies or banks were widely criticized. The minister made clear that these latter activities will still be permitted for those aged 14 and under, while those aged 15 to 17 will be able to carry them out alone.

You should be more accurate in your articles regarding this issue, it misleads people, and the information is available so why not make sure your articles are correct?