Tourism minister Iago Negueruela on Tuesday.

21-04-2020Teresa Ayuga

The Balearic government has ruled out there being a suspension of the tourist tax. Tourism minister Iago Negueruela told parliament on Tuesday that there will be an adjustment but that this will be to how the tax is assessed.

Hoteliers (and certain others) make two payments of the tax to the government. The first of these is in October, the amounts being based on the previous year; they are therefore estimates. The second payment, at the end of January, is a settlement for the real amounts of tax revenue that have been collected.

The October payments this year would clearly bear no relation to the actual situation. Therefore, the finance ministry is currently working on making an adjustment to the system, Negueruela explaining that the "modules", as would have been, "are not going to be paid". The law for the sustainable tourism tax, he noted, allows the possibility of modification "if exceptional circumstances occur which seriously affect the sector".

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Steve / Hace about 1 year

Unfortunate, I have had enough of these taxes, it’s expensive enough, my family and I have visited for the last 10 years. we were even looking this year, supporting the local economy but with no suspension of this tax..bye bye. And if you haven’t noticed ALOT of people are getting sick and tired of it! Where has all the millions and millions of € gone, clearly not on some of the local areas!


brian emery / Hace about 1 year

Obviously then money we paid last year not going into what it is supposedly meant for. Already booked for September this year as booked early last year. Now however will not book until mid 2021 for next September and having read this will probably book the Costa del sol. No tax, cheaper drinks same sun makes this a no brainer.


Lisa / Hace about 1 year

So the tourist industry world wide is facing destruction and Mallorca’s economic future is based on tourism. What to they do? They keep the tourists most hated tax. I can imagine the meeting ‘let’s make Mallorca the most expensive place to visit ... hummmm’ The world has changed guys - get with the programme.


john hughes / Hace about 1 year

these people have NO idea what is happening at the moment


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Clearly then “exceptional circumstances which seriously affect the sector" do not include our current 8 week long total lockdown, a hyper contagious virus killing swathes of people and people’s livelihoods disappearing into dust. All we are missing are the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Perhaps he’s waiting for them?