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Amateur photographers snap away to their heart’s content and social media is chock full of stunning photographs, particularly now that mobile phone cameras are so sophisticated.

For many, the changing skies in Majorca are the perfect subject because they're constantly changing; one minute they're bright blue, then the clouds roll in, storms threaten and the drama unfolds.

Son Ferrer

During the coronavirus State of Emergency everyone has been pretty much confined to barracks and looking for ways to pass the time. Some are cooking, others are gardening, doing DIY, or letting their imaginations run free through a camera lens from their balcony, terrace, back garden or even an open window.

The Majorcan sky stimulates imaginations and has prompted some budding photographers to record the changes from winter to spring during the coronavirus pandemic.


Watching the clouds is fascinating and it's something that children love to do, so getting them to watch what's taking place in the sky, morning, noon and night is something that peaks their interest and keeps them occupied, at least for a little while.

Sometimes when we look up in the sky we see clouds that remind us of animals, others look like faces, or are shaped likes heart or angels and this is called pareidolia.


The cloud hunters featured in this article photographed some bright blue skies, stunning rainbows, fluffy clouds, stormy weather and witnessed the beginning of Spring when flowers started appearing, the leaves turned green and birds and insects came out of hibernation.


No matter what’s going on in the world, nature flourishes and its beauty never ends.