Alfonso Robledo, President of Restauración Mallorca. | Jaume Morey

Bars and Restaurants in Majorca are devising systems that will enable them to reopen and comply with the necessary coronavirus health regulations once the State of Emergency ends.

The President of Restauración Mallorca, Alfornso Robledo, has designed a system at his restaurant that will allow diners to enjoy a meal whilst they're separated by a methacrylate screen.

He says that the decontamination measures are necessary for businesses to be able to open and that the safety of his customers and staff comes first.

"The goal is that they are optional, but to open we must comply with the health controls and establish social distancing between tables,” said Robledo “but bars, cafes and restaurants should not be turned into hospitals."

No Menu

Menus will be digitised and accessed with a QR code.

Because of the coronavirus situation, there will be no menu cards in restaurants, instead menus will be digitised and the content will be accessed using a QR code.

For safety reasons the staff will be provided with masks and hand gel will be available for customers at the entrance to premises.

"Security protocols affect all areas of restaurants and staff who attend the tables will be given special masks to wear which are made here on the island," says Robledo.

Gloves, masks and gel for restaurant staff.

Workers will enter their workplace with work clothes, shoes, hand washing and a face mask and they will be forbidden to go outside wearing their uniforms and work shoes.


Establishments with a terrace can open as soon as the coronvirus lockdown ends, because they are open, safe spaces,” he said, “and that’s the only space where there will be activity in the first, immediate phase, the rooms inside will be closed.

This measure won’t work for all bars, restaurants and cafés, but it will allow the vast majority to activate part of their business, partially restore activity and recover some jobs.

Restoración Mallorca is also demanding that more, larger terraces be allowed to open in order to help bars and restaurants recoup some of the money they've lost during the lockdown and make more space available for customers.

Palma City Council banned terraces before the State of Emergency began and right now it appears there are no plans to change the law on terraces.

Bars & Restaurants to safeguard customers and staff.