2 more coronavirus deaths confirmed in the Balearic Islands.

2 more coronavirus deaths confirmed in the Balearic Islands.


The Ministry of Health confirmed 2 coronavirus deaths in the Balearic Islands on Saturday taking the total to 174.

There were also 29 new infections in the last 24 hours making 1,907 overall.

There are 631 active Covid-19 cases, which is 6 more than on Friday.

29,403 PCR tests and 3,130 antibody tests have been carried out so far.

In Majorca, 334 people have been hospitalised, 57 are in Intensive Care Units and 444 are being monitored by UVAC.

In Menorca, 9 people have been hospitalised, 5 are in the ICU and 4 are being monitored by UVAC.

In Ibiza, 33 people have been hospitalised, 8 are in the ICU and 13 are being monitored by UVAC.

117 Healthcare Professionals have been diagnosed with coronavirus which represents less than 1% of the 16,000 professionals working in Healthcare in the Balearic Islands. Another 229 are under active surveillance.

In the last few hours there have been 7 new infections in Nursing Homes, 3 residents and 4 staff.

A total of 191 residents have been infected, 67 patients have overcome the disease and 72 have died.

94 Healthcare Professionals are infected and 45 have overcome the disease.

In Residences for people with disabilities, there are no changes from Friday; 14 of the 20 staff infected and 35 of the 36 residents infected have now overcome the disease.


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Rich jack / Hace about 1 year

Please can we have published the figures for deaths that are not attributed to covid-19 and then compare them to the previous annual average? EG. Pneumonia, influenza, heart failure etc. It would be good to have a reference point so that we may judge the net effect of covid-19.


Nigel / Hace about 1 year

Could someone explain what the difference between a Covid-19 "infection" is against an "active covid-19" case is? Also what is "monitored by UVAC" against being in ICU. It is very nice to see the daily figures, but some of us are not medics and do not always understand the acronyms relating to the various professions.


STAN / Hace about 1 year

It is so sad to lose more islanders. Today it is reported that 2 have passed on. Could this continuing lower figure illustrate that Lockdown is working in Mallorca? I do hope so. Will we eventually see no virus deaths?.


Steve / Hace about 1 year

Its always sad to hear of deaths. My sympathies go to the families. But you have to think about the health and wealth also of the wider population. 174 people have died in the Balearics out of 1.18 million people, stripping out people who have died in nursing homes that leaves 102 dead out of the none Nursing home population ie people working, commuting at school etc. This represents 0.008% of the population or 1 death to every 11,500 people. A very low risk. However of the 500,000 people who work in the Balearics, 400,000 have been ERTE'd. We know that tourism is 80% of GDP and 50% or 250,000 of all jobs are tourist related. With no tourist season this year, we have a scenario where a large percentage of the population will struggle to afford food, never mind rent. There will be mental health issues and deaths associated with poverty. When people talk about the cure being worse than the virus. Mallorca is the poster child.