Sunday's videoconference of regional presidents.

26-04-2020Govern Illes Balears

Following Sunday's videoconference of regional presidents, Francina Armengol explained that she had asked Prime Minister Sánchez to allow regional administrations to set the times when people are to be given permission to go out.

As more people are able to leave their homes, she said that there will be a need to avoid crowds, observing that on the first day that children had been allowed out, "we have seen that not everything has gone well".

Recognising that the national government has the final say and that it is due to release details of its plan for de-escalation on Tuesday, President Armengol had nevertheless raised the possibility of there being different times for different categories of people. In this regard, and noting the intention to allow adults out to exercise as from this coming Saturday, she mentioned people who have certain medical conditions, for whom walking is recommended.

Within the framework of the national government's plan, the Balearic government wishes to be able to make decisions that are relevant to the situation in the Balearics.

On the economy, she said that its reactivation was needed as soon as possible, "but each step we take needs to be safe in order to prevent new infections that will set us back". The regional government, she explained, is working with the general business sector as well as the tourism and retail sectors in studying how activity can be resumed, "little by little", and can ensure the public's complete safety. She stressed that it would be a mistake for her to give "false hopes" about the reopening of shops, bars and other establishments, as she was unsure when this would be possible.

Asked about German citizens with second homes travelling to the Balearics, she made clear that movement between Spain and other countries is highly restricted and was therefore not possible. On schools, the president said that a reopening, "with all possible safety", is being analysed.


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Dano / Hace about 1 year

Here's an excellent article about the benefits and low risks of allowing people outside (but still maintain distance rules). Government and health officials should consider these facts.


Roger / Hace about 1 year

Being extra prudent at this stage will reinforce that the 'islands have a distinct advantage' (as stated by Yogi), which in turn will assist the restoration of a thriving tourist economy and improved social wellbeing for all Balearic residents. It is increasingly apparent that the Balearics needs to differentiate itself from mainland Spain to be able to benefit from the 'new normal'.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

As The Balearics has a very low rate of contagion, a small total of infections and a death total in Mallorca of 0.02% (1 death for every 5,000 people) of the population, then I’d say please don’t start littering the relaxation rules with senseless conditions and limitations just to prove that you have some authority. If anything the Balearics should be leading the way in the application of the relaxation rules. Being islands is a distinct advantage. Use it.