It was all for his own use, he maintained. | Policia Nacional

A 49-year-old was arrested by National Police on Friday evening after almost three kilos of marijuana were found in the back of his van.

Around half six, he was stopped at a routine police control in La Soledat, Palma. Officers asked him his reason for travelling, and he replied that he was going to see his son who had been injured. A check was made and it was found that he had been stopped two days before and had given the same excuse.

In the process of issuing him with a fine, the officers became aware of what smelt like marijuana. He said that he had a marijuana bud and was willing to hand it over. The officers then searched the vehicle and discovered two kilos and 780 grams of the drug that were wrapped in a blanket. He maintained that this was all for his own personal consumption. Quantities of cash and a pair of scissors were also seized.