A record year for cruise ships in Palma had been forecast.


The current forecast for loss of cruise ship activity in Palma is put at 60%, which equates to some 350 ship stopovers and a million passengers.

The Balearic Ports Authority indicates that there have been massive cancellations until the end of August. As the regional government's stance is that ports and airports should be the last things to be reopened, there is no certainty as to when cruise activity might resume.

All the cruise lines are obviously affected. In the case of one, Costa Cruises, the suspension of operations is at present until the end of May, although plans to restart these operations in June will clearly depend on authorities in different countries. Cruise ships arriving in Palma in June is inconceivable; the same would go for all Spanish ports.

The Chamber of Commerce in Majorca says that the cruise industry will have to wait until there are protocols in place. The CLIA Cruise Lines Association acknowledges that health issues must come first. Companies are therefore waiting to know what the protocols and requirements will be, an expectation being that these will include limiting passenger capacity.


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Anna for President! Totally agree with u. Cruise ships are a total menace and floating environmental disasters. And now the big cruise ship operators have asked financial help of governments, eventhough they don't pay a penny of tax in these countries.


Zoe / Hace about 1 year

I do not live in Mallorca, although I have family members who reside there, so my comment maybe coming out of ignorance of the economy of the Island. I really believe that visitors from these ships who are menace to the environment contribute very little to the economy. They are on fully boards and more, so they come and have a look around and maybe have a drink? . Do these ship pay a considerable amount to the Islands in order for their visitors to embark? is what they are paying worth the amount of damage they do the environment? and from recent event they can be hotbed of transmissible infections which they can export to any place they visit too. As I said, I do not live there , and therefore my comment comes out of just reading articles but I would really like to know what do these ship contributes to the Island economy?? Maybe the authorities should look at other source of revenue, The Island is beautiful with many talented people who can have training and work on other industries. There is so much outsourcing out of Europe , maybe it is time to start Outsourcing jobs to other EU countries.


Anna / Hace about 1 year

Finally some good news. What have ever the cruise ship industry contributed to for Mallorca, apart from polluting our water and air?