City noise will be more acute after the silence of lockdown.

City noise will be more acute after the silence of lockdown. archive photo.

28-04-2020Wendy Wighton Urquhart

Palma City Council has asked the public to post images on social media under the hashtag #díasinruido "to generate debate on noise pollution" as part of International Noise Awareness Day on Wednesday.

“The aim is to promote care of the acoustic environment, the conservation of hearing and an awareness of the nuisance and damage caused by noise, at an International level,” said the Council's statement.

Palma City Council claims that Tourism, Health and Consumption generate excessive noise that can cause deafness, sleep or behavioural disorders and physiological problems.

Councillor Elena Navarro, has invited the public to make people more aware of the importance of "sound hygiene" and pointed out that "the experience of a quieter city during confinement,” has made people more aware of the nuisance of noise.

The Health Department says that during the school year 650 students have participated in 'Give Yourself A Minute Of Silence' workshops to help educate them about silence and concentration.

The Local Police Green Patrol has been given sound level meters and a vibrometer, which cost 42,000 euros, to use during inspections to make sure everyone is complying with the Noise Regulatory Ordinance.

More Sanctions

The Local Police Green Patrol, Health and Consumption Technicians and Palma City Council Noise Commission issued 570 sanctions in 2019, 204 for non-compliance with noise levels and 366 for non-compliance with schedules.

“This figures consolidates a trend of greater sanctioning effectiveness," they said.

In 2019 there were 32.56% more cases than the 430 processed in 2018 and 107.27% more than the 275 processed in 2017.


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Andy / Hace about 1 year

Dont worry Nicky, will be no one at the hotel this year. All you will hear are the birds.


Nicky / Hace about 1 year

Does the noise rule only apply to Palma. In Sa Coma, calla millor, the hotel, Borganvilla always has loud microphone noice. We are about 1 km away over a field and it sounds like they are in our garden. We have written many complaints to the Manager and reported to police. No-one is doing anything to sort this problem out for the local residents. We have measured the noise decibels and the result is way above what it should be, but nothing is done. Children and babies in this hotel will have damage to their hearing.


Phil / Hace about 1 year

Not quite as relevant for some reason this year with no tourists, bars, restaurants and nightclubs and lots of construction projects put on hold!!