Terraces will soon reopen, but only with 30% occupancy.


Palma's councillor for citizen participation, Alberto Jarabo, says that information regarding bar/restaurant terraces is still ambiguous and that the town hall is waiting to see what is actually published in the Official Bulletin. Meanwhile, the intention is to increase the area that terraces can occupy, and this could well include parking spaces that are in front of establishments.

Jarabo stresses that the town hall doesn't wish to reverse a policy of increasing space for pedestrians, "but obviously we don't want people who depend on these establishments to become unemployed". "If a proportion of a terrace increases in size, the space for pedestrians will need to be increased to the same extent in order to ensure safety and ease of use for people with reduced mobility. We'll have to see how we can apply this. It isn't straightforward."

The option of using parking spaces is one that is being considered by other cities - Barcelona, for example. Jarabo notes that this is already done each year during the January fiestas for Sant Sebastià; barbecues are placed in the parking spaces. He recognises that parking spaces would be reduced, adding that everything at present points to people using their cars rather than public transport. Because of anxieties about infection, "we fear that people will stop using the bus".


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Mr Jarabo already answered his own question: people are far less likely to take a bus or any means of public transport if they can. So they will take their cars and want to park in spaces that are intended for parking, not drinking coffee or beer.


Andy / Hace about 1 year

Doesn't really matter no one will go to them anyway. No one has the money to eat and drink out (50% of households have no job) or the desire to put themselves at increased risk of catching the virus. People will still have a nice summer making their own food & drink and finding a nice spot on the beach this summer. My straw poll of residents in Bendinat say they will not visit bars or restaurants this year at all (especially the older ones.