Ciutat Jardín beach

Ciutat Jardín beach

01-05-2020Teresa Ayuga

Temperatures are forecast to soar to 30 degrees in some places in Majorca this weekend, but if you’re thinking about going for a swim to cool down, think again.

Red flags are flying at all beaches, swimming is still banned and Lifeguards, Security Services and Police will be monitoring the coastline to make sure nobody goes in the water.

They will also be making sure that people walking on the beach adhere to social distancing and avoid crowding.

People are allowed to walk on the sand, but swimming, group games, sunbathing, sitting on the beach and putting up hammocks or umbrellas is banned at all beaches and bathing areas.

All beach showers and bathrooms will be closed but the Lifeguard Towers will be open and first aid kits will be available if needed.


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William / Hace about 1 year

Why is swimming banned ? Is the water dangerous . ? The wuhan fish mkt in china gave it to humans .are fish diseased ? We are asked to wash hands ...surely swimming in sea is cleansing ?


Anna / Hace about 1 year

I dont understand WHY it´s prohibited to go swimming? Between 6am-10am we are supposed to be allowed to do ANY individual sport, isn’t swimming considered being a form of exercise in Spain ? You are allowed to go surfing - but not swimming?! Yet another rule that doesn’t make any sense.


Ritzi / Hace about 1 year

Does it make any sense what they do? NO. No swimming. Why? Doesn't make any sense. They are just killing the Island. Good luck with the future of tourist paradise Mallorca! You don't see us or our friends back.Ever! They wanted to get rid of tourists. Here we go. At your service! You wanted to charge us as a resident for out world wide wealth? Perfect. Bye Bye Mallorca. We had a love;y time but will move on.


Dano / Hace about 1 year

Utterly insane. Someone needs to explain what SITTING on a beach or sunbathing (with social destancing adhered to), or swimming has got to do with potentially spreading CoronaVirus?? And, the rules pertaining what we're allowed to do effect 2 May says surfing is okay. How, exactly, do you do that without swimming?

Once again, the rules should be customizable by municipality. Clearly, Mallorca should have less restrictions than, say, Barcelona.


kay looker / Hace about 1 year

I do not see any monitoring on es carregador beach in Palma Nova! People are in the water and sunbathers on the beach. Including dogs running around the beach without a lead!