Cut & Go Disinfection Cabin

Cut & Go Disinfection Cabin

23-04-2020Ultima Hora
There's little doubt that far reaching changes are underway around the world because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Access to public spaces, department stores, ports, airports, hotels and restaurants is changing and with health and safety centre stage, a raft of companies are already working on new innovate ideas.

The Majorcan Company, Cut & Go, has designed ozonated and nebulized water disinfection booths.

The cabins are made with krion K-LIFE, which has disinfectant and bactericidal properties and is normally for the installation of operating rooms, according to Cut & Go Director, Manuel Granero, and his partner, Félix García.


The cabin sprays people with ozonated water, which destroys bacteria and viruses on contact with clothing.

It’s a fast, efficient method and it’s not expensive because it doesn’t use chemical materials. Ozone (03) is made with a generator and the water is saturated by means of a Venturi effect.

The cabin also controls body temperature with a thermal image camera, has an alarm system to detect abnormal temperatures, a mask disinfection station and hydroalcoholic gel dispensers.

The Majorcan company, Cut & Go has developed two models: a cheaper one with only one disinfection tunnel, and a more expensive one, with all of the options described above.

The equipment has enormous market appeal, particularly for hotels that want to ensure the biological safety of tourists.

Cut & Go has already received cabin orders from National and International Hotel Chains and manufacturing is underway to demand.

One of the cabins is designed for use at airports, ports, hospitals and supermarkets, and the other one is mainly for hotels, restaurants, small and medium-sized businesses.

Cut & Go cornavirus mask

Face protection screens

Cut & Go was also the first company in the Balearic Islands to manufacture face protection screens which are made from recycled material, and can also be recycled again.

PET is approved for use in food and clinical areas, weighs 113 grams, is comfortable and ergonomic.

There are three PET models, one standard for generic use, another adaptable for construction helmets, and a third for children.


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