Iago Negueruela, Balearics minister for the economic model, tourism and employment.

01-05-2020Govern Illes Balears

The Balearic government has asked the national employment ministry to extend ERTE conditions that are linked to the coronavirus crisis. The government wants an extension until at least the end of June and to the end of October for the most affected sectors of the economy, e.g. tourism.

On Friday, the regional minister for the economic model, tourism and employment, Iago Negueruela, restated government forecasts of a 30% decline in Balearics GDP this year and of a similar fall in employment. Special treatment for the tourism sector was therefore justified.

The argument for an extension of ERTE until end-October is that it provides protection for companies affected by travel restrictions. The Balearic government would also like "internal flexibility" with ERTEs, both force majeure and productive, for companies which decide to restart activity but are then forced to have to close again.

In addition, the Spanish government is being asked for 100% social security discounts for companies and for these to be expanded in the case of businesses in the tourism industry so long as their activities don't resume. Finally, the regional government wants the processing of ERTEs for productive reasons to be simplified and sped up.

All these various measures, Negueruela said, should be adopted as soon as possible in order to create a "framework of trust" for workers and companies in the tourism sector.


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Stan / Hace about 1 year

Colin Apreciate your complaint. But the two main approach corridors are governed by wind direction and runway availability. One is around the west coast of the Island over the sea ,to Finals approaching over the sea to the can pastilla runway end. The second is into the North of the Isand , between Alcudia and Inca . Then straight down the middle of the Island for Finals into the Airport. These are the two main approach routes , according to the wind direction on the day/night.


Colin Thompson / Hace about 1 year

When Flights start up again, Please Please prohibit aeroplanes from taking shortcuts across the islands, Im really enjoying the peace and quiet and the absence of fossil fuel exhausts being spewed out into the air over the land. Keep them at sea until in line with the airport.