The National Police cybercrime unit investigates these scams.

09-10-2019Alejandro Sepúlveda

There are holiday rentals scams at the best of times, but the current crisis has given the fraudsters a new opportunity. Villas and chalets can be rented at giveaway prices. Typically and is often the case, these aren't rental properties. Beautiful photos claiming to be of a holiday rental villa have been copied from sources such as estate agency sites with villas for sale. Even if they are rentals, these too have been copied.

Ads with links are placed on internet pages. They promise properties in Majorca at amazing prices. Overlooking the sea, idyllic parts of the countryside, pools, terraces, fantastic views; owners, it is claimed, have been forced to drop prices because of the impact of coronavirus and the crisis facing tourism.

Even at bargain prices, the deposits are significant. Once these are paid, all the communication ends. It is a very familiar story. Three people have so far reported this scam to the National Police in Palma. The police suspect that many others will have been affected.


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Gabriel / Hace about 1 year

Anyone silly enough to not follow guidlines of payment protection will be sucked in It is their choice so don’t go crying they have been scammed It should never happen but every year it does and not just in Mallorca


Dave / Hace about 1 year

No sympathy for the people scammed. They have been scammed because they are greedy and want a bargain. You always rent a villa through a proper company with appropriate tourism certifications. These people are the types that fall for the Nigerian schemes where you've won £100,000 but you need to send us £2,000 first before we can send it to you 🤯