The building in the centre was the one which was occupied.

06-05-2019Jaume Morey

Four squatters who occupied a newly developed apartment building in Palma each face sentences of seven years for extortion, membership of a criminal organisation and usurpation.

In May 2019, squatters occupied a four-storey property on Calle Emili Darder, which has one apartment on each floor. The apartments were on the point of being handed over to the buyers, the final work on kitchen installations being carried out.

The developer went to the building and tried to get the squatters to leave. After they refused, the developer hired a detective agency to negotiate with them. The squatters demanded payment of 8,000 euros to leave. The developer, fearing that they might occupy the building indefinitely, agreed to the payment. The squatters left once the money was paid.

As well as the sentences, there are demands that the 8,000 euros are repaid and that the cost of damage caused to the apartments - set at 6,034 euros - is paid.


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