Confusion and doubts as Phase Zero gets underway.

Confusion and doubts as Phase Zero gets underway.

04-05-2020Jaume Morey

Doubt and confusion reigned on the first day of Phase Zero of the de-escalation of the coronavirus restrictions in Majorca, according to CAEB and PIMEM.

“More than 90% of the companies authorised to open in extraordinary conditions have not done so. We think that the Autonomous Communities and the Municipalities must have a greater role in Managing the de-escalation situation,” said CAEB President, Carmen Planas.

She continued, “The Welfare State is at risk so we have to make sure that the minimum number of companies go bankrupt, because many workers with ERTE will end up unemployed due to closures."

A survey carried out by PIMEM in the Hairdressing, Commerce, Restoration and Beauty Centers Sectors, ended yesterday with deep concern from the employers of small and medium sized businesses or SME’s in Majorca.

“The only Association establishments that opened their doors, were Hairdressers,” said Pimeco President, Antoni Fuster. “Keeping clothes in a warehouse for 48 hours after they’ve been tried on by customers along with the current mobility restrictions makes opening unfeasible for most businesses.”

"In Palma, only the hairdressing salons that have obtained the Individual Protection Equipment, or EPI are operational, which is about 30% of the Sector,” said the Vice-President of the Association of Hairdressers Grepels Rafael Rubio. "The volume of clients is low because it is the first day and new health measures have to be applied."

In Aesthetic Centres very few businesses were open, but the President of Asineba, Emilia Pascual says she’s confident that 45% will open by the end of this week.

Restoration is at a minimum and its President Eugenia Cusí has demanded "greater health measures."


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

People were getting exited about their lives maybe getting some normality. But now again, the authorities have come up with the most insane and unworkable demands. It is starting to feel like governements are trying their best to ruin businesses and people´s lives, just so they can feel important and to justify their existence in politics. It is crazy, crazy, crazy. I hope people will rise up to this nonsense, as enough is enough.