Francina Armengol on her way to parliament on Tuesday.

05-05-2020Jaume Morey

President Armengol told parliament on Tuesday that the Balearic government is working "bilaterally" with the German authorities on recovering flights "as soon as possible".

Stressing that there must be the maximum health guarantees, Armengol said that "we have to be able to restore activity before anyone else, as we depend on tourism more than any other region". The president urged the Spanish government and the EU to coordinate health control measures and plans "to boost airline and shipping company activities".

Armengol explained that contact with German authorities will be taking account of developments in health security and the control of the pandemic over the coming weeks. "With European mobility restricted as a result of the harsh impact that the pandemic is still having on our foreign markets, our tourism will suffer a devastating blow. The duration of the crisis will depend, above all, on when borders reopen. For the majority of European states we don't yet have dates for this."

The most effective mechanisms for resuming tourism activity, she observed, were to ensure that the Balearics have contained the virus, are in a position to prevent infection, and carry out all necessary tests to detect any positive cases.


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Dave / Hace about 1 year

Armengol needs to close up and step outside the box and appreciate the value of a tourist rather than assuming it will just come flocking back to Majorca? On what ? Surfboards to what? Beans on toast from Eroski?

I doubt her salary has been furloughed


Steve Kane / Hace about 1 year

Should this read that the Government are talking to the CEO of TUI and TUI only because it is that German company that is desperate to get back in the AIR they do not give a dam about the tourist and the risk to them of COVID19 ALL THEY WANT is to get money from tourists


Tom / Hace about 1 year

You need to be talking to the Uk the Germans are not the only ones that keep your economy on track !!!


Louise / Hace about 1 year

Please don’t forget those of us from Switzerland who want to get to our holiday homes in mallorca too .