Travel in Mallorca

A airplane at Son Sant Joan airport in Palma.


A decision on when to re-open Palma airport to non-essential flights could be taken next week as the local authorities come under pressure from the tourist industry.

One local hotelier told the Bulletin this morning that they would not be opening their doors until the airport was receiving flights. The Balearic government is already working with German tour firms.

German second home owners have already said that they wanted to come to the island as soon as possible. The local authorities say that they will not compromise the safety of the general public despite the enormous economic needs.


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Phil / Hace about 1 year

Zoe, the UK let 7m people fly in from all over (including more flights into Heathrow from China than any other capital city in Europe with no testing and no quarantine requirements in Feb & March), places like Germany, NZ and Australia were closed for much of this period and we wonder why the UK is the 2nd worst country in the world for Covid deaths 🤔 If I were Spain I would let certain countries fly here, but definitely not the UK for a long time.


Zoe / Hace about 1 year

@Stan, As far as we know in UK, every day around 15000 people arrive in Heathrow, no quarantine, not even temperature is taken, no special PPE for immigration officers,.. Many are up in the arms about it, here we all are under lock-down, yet people arrive from China, USA, Middle East and just leave the airport, they are not even asked to go into self isolation!


aa / Hace about 1 year

No decision can be made until everyone is not only safer but importantly also feels safer, hopefully borders will open to those who have second homes and therefore their own accommodation and resources as this is probably a low risk group not needing staff etc.

At the moment international borders are closed by land,air,sea so all we can do is hope. I've read about people planning to drive however if the border is closed whats the point.

If its not be then so be it, The important thing is public safety.


STAN / Hace about 1 year

I am told that even if you can fly to the UK. You could be put into quarantine for 2 weeks. Also, if you return to Mallorca unless you are fully compliant with a " Residencia ". You can not enter into the Island.


simon / Hace about 1 year

We have a second home on the island and have changed our flights several times over the past few weeks, as far as we are aware Easyjet still offer a refund( but will take sometime to receive it) as that is who we book via but I know people have had issues with other airlines you have mentioned. The airlines are still taking bookings to create turnover but also are waiting for the health authorities to lift the travel ban' they can start flying without any delays.


Mike / Hace about 1 year

I hope they’re operating my wife and I need to get back I can’t take anymore my plants are all dying 😂😂 middle of June is target day we already had April and mays flights moved fingers crossed 🤞


Leslie Turrell / Hace about 1 year

It is terrible what the budget airlines are doing - they are showing availability during May and June and taking bookings. The web sites do not even advise of the strict entry requirements in to Spain. They are just preying on people that are desperate to travel to the Islands. Difficult to get refunds they are pushing passengers to re book to a later dat3 of take a credit for a flight at a later date.


malte / Hace about 1 year

and a horrendous amount of private flight traffic 'not landing' in palma.


Tomeu / Hace about 1 year

The Government of the Balearic Islands is a simple local authority that does not have any capacity to decide whether to open air space in Spain for planes to fly to the Balearic Islands. Therefore, all this information is pure demagoguery, the only thing they do is deceive and give false hope to companies and people. Undoubtedly, the German Government is also absolutely irrelevant in the decisions it makes authorizing flights to Spain. The decisions of the opening of the flights to a country depend on each country, not on a simple local government that the only thing that tries is to make deceptive publicity seriously damaging the illusions of companies and people. Grotesque and liar Balearic Government.


Lawrie / Hace about 1 year

Stan if I was the CEO of one of these airlines I would be furious with my IT department for listing fights that have little chance of operating. I would insist the website basically stays down until the green light was given and all the regulations were in place. Surely they understand people are very wary at the moment. Like you I've noticed all the airlines have flights starting mid June. Surely they must have had a heads up from the government.