Measures were announced by the Council of Minorca on Wednesday.


The Council of Minorca has announced a three million euro plan for economic and social reactivation. The Council's president, Susana Mora, explained on Wednesday that the plan will entail emergency measures and a "grand pact" for the island. "While we will make aid available to citizens, we will also be working on this agreement for productive revitalisation."

One million euros will be for social emergency, increasing the food aid and essential products programme being handled by the Red Cross and Caritas. Town halls will also receive funding to reinforce the Council's care centres and assistance for people with disabilities.

The town halls will get 750,000 euros to help businesses and the restaurant sector, with amounts varying according to whether businesses are all year or seasonal. This 750,000 will be doubled, as town halls will commit to raising the total to 1.5 million euros.

The remaining 1.25 million euros will be in the form of aid that can be applied for in order to inject liquidity into businesses from all sectors as well as organisations which provide social services.


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