Phase 1 of de-escalation due to begin on Monday.

Phase 1 of de-escalation due to begin on Monday.

06-05-2020Teresa Ayuga

Balearic shops, bars and restaurants are on tenterhooks as they wait for confirmation that they can open their doors on Monday.

In the meantime business owners are busy cleaning and disinfecting premises, putting protocols in place and airing clothes that have been hanging up for two months without being tried on.

There is still some uncertainty over whether Majorca will be allowed to begin Phase 1 of the de-escalation process, but Minorca and Ibiza have already been given the green light, according to Fernando Simón, Director of the Coordinating Centre for Health Alerts & Emergencies.


The Government has sent all the necessary documentation to Madrid and Executive sources say they're confident that Majorca will begin Phase 1 at the same time as Ibiza and Minorca, but it’s possible that Prime Minister Sánchez won’t announce the decision until Saturday.

The Autonomous Communities presented their proposals by Wednesday's deadline and all of them have requested permission to move on to Phase 1.

The Government is updating Dr Fernando Simón daily to try to convince him that Majorca is ready.

The Central Government’s de-escalation criteria spans more than 60 indicators, including free beds in the ICU, hospital space for the sick and a clear decrease in new coronavirus infections.

"It would be very difficult for Majorca to be left out because, with each passing day, the situation is improving," said Government sources.


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Joe / Hace about 1 year

Dave, you are overthinking it. Spain is a banana republic, nothing makes sense. Just go with the flow 🤘


Chris / Hace about 1 year

Why bother? No one is going to grab a drink or meal that resembles being in hospital. Much better being on your balcony with a beer Zooming your mates to be honest!


Phil / Hace about 1 year

And more to the point Dave. If it is allowed what a joke the other measures are such as you can't exercise between 10am and 8pm but you can get drunk with your mates at a bar. Typical Spanish organisation, joke. You couldn't make it up!


Steven / Hace about 1 year

State of alarm has been extended - this is not lockdown, it's the political / legal framework for Madrid to manage the crisis. The phased removal of the lock down is well documented on MDB.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Dave, I am with you. It is all very vague. Maybe on your way to work or shopping, you can have a coffee somewhere? But if you get fined, it is an expensive cup of coffee.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Ah Dave, you are missing the nuance of Spanish logic. Both can exist at the same time but the latter supersedes the former unless the criteria for the latter are contravened and adjudicated to be so by the court thereby making null and void the application of the latter, pending appeal, and - obviously- returning to the former. Simples🙄


Dave / Hace about 1 year

Sorry, I am very confused. Lockdown has been extended 15 days. But bars may open on Monday. Surely since under lockdown we are only allowed out to shop for food, go to chemists or exercise then it is illegal to sit and drink at a bar until the state of emergency is lifted?? 🤷‍♂️