Four people were gambling on mahjong.

05-05-2020Policia Nacional

The National Police in Palma have taken action against clandestine gambling, which was also in breach of the lockdown measures.

On Tuesday evening around 6pm, officers from the gambling control unit, assisted by officers from the public safety division, raided a restaurant in the Pere Garau district, after having become aware that clandestine gambling appeared to occurring at this establishment.

The restaurant's security roller shutters were up, and officers watched for anyone entering the premises. They observed two Asian women, known to the gambling unit for their "fondness" of playing clandestine betting games and for having previously been fined.

As the two women didn't leave the restaurant after some time had elapsed, the assumption was that they had gone there to gamble. Officers entered and demanded the presence of the proprietor. One of the women said that there was no one else on the premises, but officers spotted a man dashing to a room equipped with audiovisual equipment and an automated machine for playing mahjong. There were four people in the room.

As well as the machine, the police seized a mahjong game, poker cards and 2,095 euros - money that was being wagered.

A report including sanctioning proposals has been sent to the government's directorate for trade and business.


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Dave / Hace about 1 year

🙈as if the Chinese need anymore bad publicity!!