Bar and restaurants in Palma

Bars and restaurants are getting ready to open next week.


Spain has a four-phase plan to lift a coronavirus lockdown and return to normal by the end of June.

Following are the key points of the plan, which will vary from province to province.

Advancing through the stages will depend on factors such as how the rate of infection evolves, the number of intensive care beds available locally and compliance with distancing rules.

Comercios, peluquerías y restaurantes empiezan a retomar la actividad

Preparatory Phase 0 (May 4-11)

· Hairdressers and other businesses that offer service by appointment can reopen.
· Restaurants can offer take-away services.
· Professional sports leagues will go back to training.
· Short walks and individual sporting activities allowed starting on May 2.

Phase 1 (about two weeks from May 11)

· All provinces that meet the requirements will move to Phase 1 on May 11, except for three islands in the Canaries archipelago - La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa - and the Balearic island of Formentera, where Phase 1 began on May 4.
· Small businesses to reopen under strict safety conditions.
· Bars and restaurants can reopen their terraces with no more than 50% occupation.
· Hotels and other tourist accommodation can reopen, excluding common areas.
· Shops and other service providers must set aside preferential times for customers aged over 65 to visit.
· Places of worship will also be reopened, limiting the capacity to one third.

Phase 2 (about two weeks from late May)

· Theatres and cinemas to reopen, filling no more than a third of their capacity.
· Cultural centres such as art galleries and museums will reopen, again operating only at a third of regular capacity.
· Places of worship will increase their capacity to 50%.
· Hunting and sport-fishing will be allowed.
· Some schools will reopen, though most will stay closed until September.

Phase 3 (around the end of June)

· Shops will be allowed to open at half capacity with distancing of 2 meters between clients.
· Restrictions on restaurants and bars will be further loosened.
· Opening of beaches.


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Mike / Hace about 1 year

I asked this question on here a few days ago and despite helpful responses on the current state, I need to ask again! WHEN in this plan am I allowed to drive from one municipality to another? There is zero information on this. I asked a Guardia guy today and even he did not know. Does anyone know? Have I missed something? Thanks. PS I imagine getting a green residents card (luckily I already have mine) will be even tougher now, plus changing our driving licences to Spanish ones (which I don’t have and it was a nightmare to even try before the virus) plus getting an ITV will all be horrendous due to backlogs and confusion. The MDB could provide a public service to us by highlighting these issues in the days ahead.