Hotels can open next week

Having your temperature checked you arrive will be mandatory.

07-05-2020Jesús Diges

Tough new health and safety guidelines will be introduced in all Spanish hotels this summer with the body temperature of guests and staff regularly controlled.

Guests will be asked to pay by credit card, hotel buffets will be shelved, carpets and other decorative items will be removed from rooms and numbers limited in all common areas of the hotel.

Hotels will also have to increase the frequency of their cleaning schedules. Some hotels are expected to re-open again on the island next week.


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Yogi / Hace about 1 year

There are no tourists. Why would they open next week? It’s pretty much agreed that the earliest arrivals would be late June. This makes no sense. Could you not investigate who is going to open and what their thinking is? You know, like a proper newspaper would. Otherwise It feels like you’re reporting hearsay.