Global Coronavirus Figures Released.

Global Coronavirus Figures Released.

08-05-2020Fazry Ismail

The coronavirus pandemic has killed around 270,000 people worldwide and infected more than 3.8 million, according to the latest report by Johns Hopkins University.

On Friday, there were 3,847,102 infections and 269,594 fatalities in 187 countries and territories.

1.24 million people have fully recovered from the disease and the United States is leading the way with 189,910 discharged from hospital, followed by Germany with 139,900, and Spain with 126,002.

The US is still the most affected country in the world for contagion and deaths, with a daily contagion growth of more than 28,000, making a total of 1,256,972 infections and 75,670 fatalities. New York State is the epicentre of the pandemic, with 327,469 infected.

Spain has the second highest number of diagnosis with 221,447 infected and 26,070 deaths and Italy has 215,858 infected and 29,958 deaths.

The death toll in the United Kingdom increased dramatically last week after victims who died outside hospitals were added, bumping the total to 30,689 fatalities, which means the UK has the highest number of fatalities in Europe. There are also 207,970 infections in the UK.

Russia is in fifth place with 177,160 infected and 1,625 fatalities.

France is sixth with 174,918 infected and 25,990 dead, then Germany with 169,430 infected and 7,932 dead.

Brazil is next with 135,773 infected and 9,190 dead, followed by Turkey with 133,721 infected and 3,641 dead and Iran has 103,135 infections and 6,486 deaths.

China is in eleventh place, with 83,976 cases and 4,637 dead, followed by Canada with 66,201 infected and 4,541 deaths, then Peru with 58,526 infected and 1,627 deaths.

India has a total of 56,409 infections and 1,890 fatalities, ahead of Belgium, with 51,420 infected and 8,415 deaths.

The Netherlands has more than 40,000 infected, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador and Switzerland have over 30,000 infected and Mexico, Portugal, Pakistan, Sweden, Chile, Ireland, Singapore and Belarus have more than 20,000 infected.

Qatar, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Austria, Japan, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Indonesia, Bangladesh, South Korea, the Philippines and Denmark have more than 10,000 infected and Serbia, Colombia and the Dominican Republic have more than 9,000 infected, while South Africa, Norway and the Czech Republic have over 8,000 infected, and Egypt and Panama have more than 7,000 infected.


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John / Hace about 1 year

It's interesting that Voiceofreason got minuses just because he presented the data. People are so ignorant that in most of the cases they will denied the numbers but will believe to anything that TV will say, and will take it as a fact. If you can think by yourself do it! It doesn't hurt.


Voiceofreason / Hace about 1 year

AND from January to May 2020 Worldwide we have :

4,568,995 Communicable disease deaths this year 171,299 Seasonal flu deaths this year 2,675,237 Deaths of children under 5 this year 14,963,379 Abortions this year 108,786 Deaths of mothers during birth this year 41,772,857 HIV/AIDS infected people 591,660 Deaths caused by HIV/AIDS this year 2,890,588 Deaths caused by cancer this year 345,228 Deaths caused by malaria this year 7,892,867,388 Cigarettes smoked today 1,759,440 Deaths caused by smoking this year 880,275 Deaths caused by alcohol this year 377,419 Suicides this year 475,107 Road traffic accident fatalities this year