Bar, restaurant and café terraces will open on Monday.

Bar, restaurant and café terraces will open on Monday.

08-05-2020Jaume Morey

Majorca, Ibiza and Minorca start Phase 1 on Monday which means that amongst other things, we can all see loved ones, attend funerals and wakes, shop without an appointment, sit on a terrace and go to church. Formentera has already begun Phase 1.

The Government has established a series of general measures for this next phase, which may be tweaked slightly in some Autonomous Communities so if in doubt check with your local Council.

The gradual de-escalating of the tough coronavirus restrictions is being welcomed with open arms, but with each phase comes a raft of questions as people try to make sense of an avalanche of information from the Government, so here’s a list of what you can and can't do.

Will I be able to see my loved ones?

Yes, unless someone has tested positive for coronavirus or is in isolation, but you can't visit elderly people or anyone who’s in a risk group, because they are more vulnerable to Covid-19.

How many people will be able to meet?

Meetings of up to ten people are allowed, but they will still have to stay two metres apart and respect the hygiene rules for hand washing and respiratory etiquette.

Where can those meetings be held?

Both at home and on the street.

Will I be able to sit on a terrace to have a drink?

Yes, if you can find a place. Only 50% of the tables can be occupied, there must be a minimum distance of two metres between each table and a maximum number of 10 are allowed in each group. The tables must be disinfected between customers and it won't be possible to put boxes of napkins on the table.

How many people can travel in the same car at the same time?

Residents from the same home can share a car with up to nine seats.

What changes will affect the stores?

Only shops with less than 400 square metres are allowed to open, but prior appointments and individual attention is no longer mandatory. Shops can only allow customers up to a maximum of 30% of their capacity, it will be necessary to maintain a minimum safety distance of two meters and they must introduce specific opening hours for the elderly. Traders will also have to disinfect the premises twice a day.

Will the markets be reactivated?

Yes, the open-air markets will be open but there will be fewer stalls, social distancing restrictions will be in place and Security Forces will be on duty to control crowds.

Will Shopping Centres and stores bigger than 400 square metres be open on Monday?

No, they are not allowed to open in phase 1.

Will wakes be allowed?

Yes, but the number of relatives who can attend is limited to 15 people outdoors and 10 indoors.

Will it be possible to go to funerals?

Yes, but a maximum of 15 people can attend the burial or cremation although, if necessary, a Minister other person of worship may be added to perform the funeral rites.

Can I go to church?

Yes, places of worship will be open, but the number of believers allowed to enter will be reduced to one third.

Will it be possible to leave the Province or Island?


Will swimming in the sea and pools be allowed?


Will gyms be open?

Yes, if the sports facilities are outdoors and only for activities that do not involve physical contact, such as tennis or athletics. People can also do individual sports that don’t involve physical contact or the use of specialist clothing, by appointment in Sports Centres. The use of facilities in closed spaces is not allowed until Phase 2 and only if the sport does not require physical contact.

Will care for people with disabilities and early care, occupational, rehabilitation and psychosocial therapies be restored?

Yes, and home care and ongoing follow-up will also be provided to seniors who do not live in Residences.


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Ged / Hace about 1 year

Ian, Son Muntaner and Son Vida opened on Monday.


ab / Hace about 1 year

Swimming in the sea is allowed


Ian Rhodes / Hace about 1 year

Does anyone know if golf courses will be allowed to open.


Jimbo / Hace about 1 year

Can someone please explain when we are allowed to carry out all these new measures. Fernando Simon stated that the time slots are still to be followed, that being the case are we then to assume that we can only go to meet friends in a local bar between 06.00 - 10.00, surely that isn't correct, people go for a coffee or wine/beer at any time. I have asked neighbours who are Spanish even they don't know when they can use the local bars.


Michael Ellis / Hace about 1 year

Has any one any idea when cycling outside of the municipality you reside in will be allowed?


Dave / Hace about 1 year

So let's get this right. Under the state of alarm. I can't just walk around the streets in my own unless I am going to the supermarket or chemist or exercising. I can't run outside between 10 and 8. But I can sit on a terrace at a bar all day and get blindly drunk 🤷‍♂️. Only in Spain!