New coronavirus training for Lifeguards.

New coronavirus training for Lifeguards.

06-05-2020Ultima Hora

Beaches are getting back to normal in the Balearic Islands and Lifeguards are being given self-protection courses so that they can help beachgoers who get into difficulties, whilst maintaining social distancing and adhering to health restrictions.

A few days ago, Lifeguards attended their seasonal drill in Alcudia.

"Everything is different this year. The protection measures, action protocol and even how we do our jobs has been altered by the coronavirus crisis,” explained one of the Lifeguards.

The Lifeguard Service in Alcudia is composed of 15 troops who are Managed by Salvament Aquàtic. They've already started monitoring and controlling beaches between 1000 and 1800 every day and at the end of each shift, Tomás López teaches a rescue, CPR and defibrillator training course, which has been adapted to deal with the Covid-19 crisis.

This season, the Lifeguards will also be collaborating with Alcudia’s Local Police and Guardia Civil to control and supervise beaches and activities onshore and in the sea during the State of Emergency.

"Surveillance will be carried out in a similar way to previous years, but there will be no physical contact with bathers and any treatment and transfers will be carried out maintaining the necessary safety measures, with gloves, masks and visors", says Maria Jesús, Beach Service Coordinator.


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