The robber was captured on cameras at different establishments.

11-05-2020Policia Nacional

The National Police in Palma report that last Wednesday they arrested a 28-year-old who had come to be known as the "sewer thief". This was because he was using a manhole cover to smash his way into premises.

At a round 10.45 on Wednesday morning, a patrol spotted him in the Son Gotleu district. He was already well known to the police for having committed previous offences, and the patrol officers were aware that he was suspected of being the perpetrator of a series of recent break-ins, including one earlier that day on Calle Aragon.

When the officers approached him, he ran off, but he was pursued and arrested. A search of his backpack revealed a number of coins, a bracelet, a gold chain and other items. There was also a torch with elastic that was for fitting on his head when he committed robberies.

The break-ins had occurred between the end of March and last Wednesday. They were in different areas of Palma.


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Malcolm / Hace about 1 year

Breaking into a shop during Lockdown .

' WHAT ! NO MONEY ' ??? DOH !!!

Not exactly the Criminal Mastermind of Mallorca.