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11-05-2020Pere Bota - Archive

The regional government ordered the progressive return to work of some 7,000 public service employees as from Monday. The director-general for public service, Irene Truyols, met union officials on Sunday and informed them that ministerial general secretaries would be calling employees back and that they would no longer be working from home.

The unions unanimously rejected this and called for there to be a postponement to at least next Monday, which is the date that most other regional governments have adopted. Truyols did not accept there being a postponement. As far as the Balearic government is concerned, the start of Phase 1 marks the beginning of a return to some normality for the public administration.

The government's decision, the unions argue, was made unilaterally. There had not been a willingness to negotiate, while the unions maintain that the de-escalation protocol being applied by the government is "unacceptable" on account of its generalities and because it doesn't provide clear health protection measures or factor in family issues.

They say that the crisis has revealed a style of management that "hasn't been seen until now". The unilateral decision puts at risk "our health, that of our families and that of the users of public services".

The CCOO teaching federation, meanwhile, has opposed the proposal that there be a return to school from 25 May. It wants the regional education minister, Martí March, to do as other regions have and refuse to "precipitate" this return. The union is stressing that any return should be when there are appropriate health conditions.


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Phil / Hace about 1 year

What Unions workshy? 🤔 Is the pope a catholic? Maybe they should go on strike 🙈