So your summer holiday to Majorca is cancelled, according to British Health Secretary Matt Hancock. The British minister went on national TV today and delivered his bombshell statement which sent shockwaves around every holiday resort on the planet not forgetting of course the British travel industry which is already reeling from the coronavirus lockdown.

So if Hancock believes that foreign holidays this summer are out why are British tour firms selling holidays to the island from the middle of next month? Why is it that local hoteliers are expecting British holidaymakers to arrive on the island from early July? I think that an announcement of this sort, especially as a result of its magnitude and consequences, is worthy of an official announcement not a couple of sentences during a rather tough TV interview on a breakfast show. I think most people in Britain rather suspected that foreign holidays would be out this summer but they were hoping against hope that the situation would improve and they would be able to board a plane and jet off to the sun.

This dream rather ended today with Hancock´s interview. If he is right then Majorca should prepare itself for one of its worst holiday seasons in recent history because it is not only the British. There are also serious concerns over the German market. I hope Hancock is wrong and the British will be able to enjoy a safe holiday in the sun this year because they certainly deserve it.


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McMillions / Hace about 1 year

Having looked to return to Mallorca for another holiday this year (yes this year) the prices shown are much higher than last year this is going to be a problem for some.


Stuart Mead / Hace about 1 year

There are a lot of English people that would come to Majorca this year. Including me. But I won’t go if I have to be quarantined for the length of my holiday and then when I get back to the UK I’m quarantined again for 14 days. I’m not saying that both countries aren’t doing the right thing but it wouldn’t be feasible for me to do it.