Investigation into Nursing Homes in the Balearics closed.


The Chief Prosecutor's Office has closed the investigation into how the coronavirus crisis was handled in Nursing Homes in the Balearic Islands and the Chief Prosecutor of the Balearics, Bartomeu Barceló says there's no evidence of crime or serious irregularities.

Two Civil Actions are underway at individual Centres for the elderly in Ibiza and the relevant documentation has been sent to the public Prosecutor's office.

The Attorney General of the State commissioned the Territorial Prosecutor's Offices to investigate allegations of illegalities in Nursing Homes as a result of the scandal at a Centre in Madrid.

A total of 140 criminal proceedings have been opened throughout Spain and in several communities cases have already been prosecuted. Proceedings are still underway in most of the Autonomous Communities, especially those with the highest incidence of coronavirus.

In the Balearic Islands, criminal proceedings were initiated based on a complaint registered by Vox in a generic letter that did not point to any specific wrongdoing.

The Public Ministry instructed the National Police and Guardia Civil to report on the situation at two Residences, one in Palma and the other in Calvia.

The investigations ruled out serious irregularities that could lead to a criminal investigation. The complaint of the political party was generic and was registered in each Autonomous Community after the Prosecutor's Office referred investigations to the Territorial Bodies.

There has been a high number of Covid-19 cases at Nursing homes and analysis of residents and workers has shown that most of the recent infections in the Balearic Islands are in Residence Centres.