There were nine new cases in the Balearics on Sunday.

17-05-2020Miquel À. Cañellas

The Sunday figures from the national ministry of health for the the Balearics indicate that there were two deaths over the past 24 hours and that there were nine new positive cases.

Four more patients have recovered, taking the total to 1,523. There have been 1,991 positive cases in all, the recovery rate now up to 76.5%. The number of deaths is 218.

Nationally, there were 87 deaths and 421 new cases. The Saturday figure for deaths was 102.

Over the past 24 hours, the number of patients who have recovered rose by 2,719 to 149,576. The total number of cases is 231,350. The recovery rate is therefore 64.7% nationwide.


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The Happy Doctor / Hace about 1 year

Your headline and article are misleading and quite ridiculous. You can only calculate a recovery rate if you know how many people have CV19. To do this you would have to test all the population. You have no idea how many people have the virus and have either minor or no symptoms at all. Worldwide figures would suggest the mortality rate is about 2-3%. From that you could extrapolate the approximate number of infected people. Your recovery rate figures are completely meaningless if you are not testing everyone.