The Council of Minorca met on Monday for the first time since the state of alarm was declared.

18-05-2020Gemma Andreu

The Council of Minorca has adjusted its accounts for 2020, the first plenary session since the state of alarm was declared yesterday having approved the freeing up of two million euros. The reallocation of funds will see 750,000 euros going to town halls to support trade and restaurants; 300,000 euros for agriculture; 400,000 euros being made available for industry and artisan manufacture; 350,000 euros for tourism; and 200,000 euros for the services sector in general.

These funds will come principally from budget provisions that had been made for culture, education, youth affairs and sport and also for the environment - the allocation for the Biosphere Reserve has been cut. In addition, 100,000 euros for road improvements are to be diverted as well as smaller items for the audiovisual sector and for the cleaning and signage of monuments.

The approval was not unanimous, the opposition Partido Popular and Ciudadanos having abstained. This was not because they didn't agree with the need for the budget restructuring but because it didn't go far enough. PP spokesperson Adolfo Vilafranca described the plan as unambitious. "For example, it is not accompanied by other measures to improve and simplify administrative procedures and it does not envisage any investment; it is an amendment that is purely spending oriented."


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