Many pool areas will be unable to comply with Phase 2 rules. | Kika Triay - Archive

Finca administrators for communities of residents are warning that the majority of communities will be unable to comply with the conditions in Phase 2 of the de-escalation plan regarding the opening and use of swimming pools. They don't have the resources or the means to do so.

According to the general council of finca administrator colleges (the professional institutes), many communities don't have personnel who are responsible for pools. The regulation under Phase 2 sets a capacity limit of 30%, but the implication is that there will not, in many cases, be anyone who can control this.

A further provision under the regulation is that there should be a booking in order to gain access to a pool and that there should be shift schedules for pool opening. It is being pointed out that it is not possible to "make appointments" to use a pool without there being a specific person to manage this or at least there being a phone number to call. In the majority of cases there won't be either.

When it comes to establishing spaces for social distancing around a pool, i.e. with at least two-metre distances, the available space will typically be reduced to an extent that the capacity would be less than is to be allowed.

Phase 2 in Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza is due to start on Monday, 25 May.