Mallorca beaches getting ready to open

The beach is getting ready to open on Monday.

20-05-2020CATI CLADERA

Spain will further ease its coronavirus lockdown from Monday under a four-phase plan to return to normal. These have been modified since its implementation.

Following are the key points of the plan, which varies from province-to-province. Advancing through the stages depends on factors such as the rate of infection, number of intensive care beds available, and compliance with distancing rules.

Preparatory Phase 0 (May 4-25)
· Hairdressers and other businesses that offer service by appointment reopened, professional sports leagues went back to training.
· Short walks and individual sporting activities allowed.
· From Monday, there will be no area left in this phase.

Phase 1 (from May 11)
· Gatherings of up to 10 people allowed.
· Small businesses, including shops with an area of up to 400 square metres can reopen under strict safety conditions. Only two people can be inside, or just one person if it is impossible to keep a minimum distance of 2 metres.
· Bars and restaurants can reopen their terraces with no more than 50% occupation.
· Hotels and other tourist accommodation can reopen, excluding common areas.
· Shops and other service providers must set aside preferential times for customers aged over 65 to visit.
· Places of worship are reopened, but only to one third of capacity.
· Freedom of movement increases, with people allowed to travel within the same province, as long as the whole province is in Phase 1.
· Big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, and most of the region of Castilla y Leon will advance to this phase on Monday.

Phase 2 (May 25)
· Theatres, cinemas, art galleries and museums can reopen, at no more than a third of their capacity.
· Places of worship can increase attendance to 50% of capacity.
· Larger shops can reopen at 40% of capacity.
· Hunting and sport-fishing will be allowed.
· Some schools will reopen, though most will stay closed until September.
· Regions comprising about half of Spain's population, including Galicia, Murcia, Extremadura, the Basque Country, as well as the Canary and Balearic islands, are progressing to this phase on Monday.

· Beaches open.

Phase 3 (around the end of June)
· Restrictions on restaurants and bars will be further loosened.
· Shops can fill 50% of capacity.
· After two weeks in Phase 3, people can travel to another province if that area is also in Phase 3


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Fred / Hace about 1 year

Thank you for the updated guys. Quick question, maybe anyone knows - when can we travel within Balearic Islands (private boat from Mallorca to Minorca). Technically we are the same province. Would appreciate any answer!