Tragic consequences in Palma last November.

03-11-2019Pere Bota

On 3 November last year, a 39-year-old Brazilian woman was killed when part of a palm tree fell on her in the Dalt Murada area by the Cathedral in Palma.

The woman's family is claiming 450,000 euros civil liability compensation from the town hall. The claim, made on the family's behalf by Majorcan lawyer Julian Timoner, refers to the fact that the woman's ten-year-old daughter witnessed her mother being killed instantaneously. Under the criteria for compensation as established by the Justice Administration, claims are being made for the deceased woman's partner (who is not the girl's father); the daughter; the mother of the deceased woman (resident in Brazil); and a cousin of the girl, who has taken guardianship of her until she reaches the age of majority.

The woman's partner took care of the girl after the accident and of the costs of repatriation to Brazil.

The National Police determined that her death was accidental; there had been very high winds on that day. The police report, which was forwarded to the courts, was backed up by a separate report by Palma town hall technical personnel. This established that the tree had not been diseased, and there was certification to this effect from the end of September.

It was concluded that a strong gust of wind had torn off the upper part of the tree. Earlier that day, the town hall had closed the Dalt Murada promenade and Passeig Sagrera in response to an Aemet amber warning for high winds. Around a dozen trees in all fell in Palma during the period of high winds at that time in November. The family therefore understands that the town hall was aware of the danger, having cordoned off an area.


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