More extensive speed limits in Palma.

25-05-2020Jaume Morey

Palma town hall is extending a 30 kph speed limit to 90% of the city's roads. This is in order to pacify traffic, increase road safety and facilitate safe distancing because of coronavirus.

Mayor José Hila said on Monday that "the car will not be the only protagonist on our streets". "It will share the space with those who walk and ride bikes and scooters in equal conditions."

At present, under 20% of the city's roads have a speed limit of 30 kph or less. So an increase to 90% represents "a brave leap towards a new model of the city". Procedures for the modification of speed limits will begin at this week's council meeting. Once the general rule for 30 kph has been introduced, Hila explains that there will only be higher speed limits on main roads in and out of the centre of Palma and along the seafront road.

The limit will apply to some 2,450 roads and streets. This will "reduce the risk to pedestrians and encourage the use of more sustainable means of transport".


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Christian Goodin / Hace about 1 year

Am I the only one thinking this is more about ramping up revenue from fines than anything else? While i have no problem improving safety and health this measure just smacks of finances above everything else.


james / Hace about 1 year

unfortunately that means more traffic not less....traffic flow is just like plumbing if you slow the flow you need wider streets to accommodate the same amount of vehicles ....end result is blockages....and add to that the mainly no go areas and the city center will be a nightmare....