Might there be an early reactivation of UK tourism? | Archive

The UK and Spanish governments are understood to be discussing the opening of specific air routes that would allow UK tourists to return home without the need to then quarantine for fourteen days.

Majorca-based tourism and travel magazine Preferente refers to a Madrid spokesperson saying that there are negotiations with London and adds that the UK Foreign Office has confirmed that these negotiations are taking place.

Discussions along similar lines between the UK and Portuguese governments are taking place. The UK's Travel Weekly notes that these discussions are at an initial phase but that the Portuguese foreign ministry is neither denying nor confirming that there are specific talks about air corridors (or air bridges). From other sources, however, the UK Foreign Office is reported as having confirmed that there are talks.

The quarantine on travellers entering the UK is scheduled to start on 8 June. The Spanish government has indicated that foreign tourism will restart on 1 July, although the Balearic government continues to press for "test" foreign tourist flights and stays in the second half of June. These tests would almost certainly be confined to air routes with Germany.

Meanwhile, Jet2 has announced that it will resume flights from 1 July, having previously decided to suspend operations until at least 17 June.