Majorca may benefit in summer 2021.


Tour operators are said to be prioritising Majorca ahead of other destinations in contracting hotel bed quotas for summer 2021.

Sources representing small to medium-sized hotel chains say that negotiations for next year are emphasising the health situation and health infrastructure. With Majorca perceived as being a safe destination, tour operators are choosing the island rather than the likes of Egypt and Turkey.

In terms of price, it is anticipated that these will remain unaltered next year; 2020 prices will apply. In fact, it is expected that tour operators will be offering discounts for their summer 2021 programme. Discounts will be the "trend" in order to capture the interest of holidaymakers and encourage early sales.

The competitive pressure from other destinations, it is believed, will not be as intense next year, as Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Greece are in a different situation to that of Majorca and the Balearics.

For this summer, hoteliers say that prospects are looking better, but they acknowledge that much depends on traveller confidence, especially holidaymakers from the key foreign markets. From July to September, it will be a case of seeing how visitors react to the protocols that have been established.


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walker / Hace about 1 year

We will not be rushing back this year. Even though we have been holidaying here for 32 years.


Roger / Hace about 1 year

Pursuing a strategy of getting tourists into Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands at all costs is a very negative (almost desperate) strategy and will be proven to detrimental in the near future. The Tour Operators are being allowed to put on unjustified pressure that I find hard to understand (unless of course various parties have undesirable interest in such!!!!!) Reacting, and comparing to the likes of Greece, Egypt, Turkey etc is of no value but still the Balearic politicos purse this unintelligent rationale...when will they learn...maybe never!