Fredy Escobar with Guardia Civil Officers.

Fredy Escobar with Guardia Civil Officers.

28-02-2018A. Sepúlveda

The Prosecution is demanding that Fredy Escobar, José Antonio Sánchez, aka ‘Pep Merda’, and Marcos Rotger from the so-called Demon Gang be jailed for 10 years each for alleged robbery with intimidation and illegal detention, and that they pay the victim 30,000 euros in compensation.

The three men and an unidentified fourth person allegedly went to the home of retired businessman, Pau Rigo and his wife in Porreres at around 1700 on October 6, 2017.

'Pep Merda’ reportedly knew the owner of the house and had carried out prior surveillance at the property with Marcos Rotger.

Two of the defendants waited in the car whilst Colombian, Fredy Escobar and the fourth unidentified man, who were both armed, allegedly donned face masks and balaclavas to avoid identification and jumped over a wall to get into the farm.

They reportedly grabbed Pau Rigo outside his house, took the knife he was carrying, and demanded money.

"We know where the safe is, give us the money, we know that your son will not come,” they allegedly said before they forced him to open the safe in the garage and seized 30,000 euros, took Pau Rigo's mobile phone, tied him to the chair and threatened him.

"We are going to burn your house and we are going to kill you if you notify the police, we are the Demon gang and the police cannot touch us,” they allegedly said before locking the door fleeing.

When the Guardia Civil searched Marcos Rotger's home in late February 2018 they found two pistols, a revolver, a box of ammunition and 150 euros.


The three defendants knew that Pau Rigo had more money saved and orchestrated a second robbery of the Porreres Estate on February 24, 2018 along with Mauricio, Fredy's twin brother.

The victim knew that sooner or later they would return and surprised Mauricio Escobar, shot and killed him.


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