New coronavirus proposals for nightclubs.

New coronavirus proposals for nightclubs. archive photo.

15-06-2015Pedro Quiros

Clubs in the Balearics have been shut since the State of Emergency was declared in March and the new safety proposals being tabled so that they can reopen for the summer season are likely to make dancing ’til dawn a very different experience.

The Tourism Sector accounts for more than 12% of Spanish GDP, so naturally everyone wants it kick-started asap.

With each Phase of the de-escalation plan the restrictions are relaxed a little more and the National Federation of Leisure & Entertainment Businesses, or FNEOE and the Institute for Quality Tourism have drawn up safety guidelines in the hope that clubs will be allowed to open soon.

They include forcing everyone to wear masks, so let’s hope designers get busy because the current coronavirus ones are not exactly club-worthy!

All drinks will be served with straws and there will be markings on the dance floor to make sure social distancing is respected.

Clubs are super-popular with tourists, especially places like BCM and Tito’s in Majorca and Pacha, Amnesia, and Eden in Ibiza and annual revenue from the Nightlife Sector amounts to a whopping 20 billion euros, according to the FNEOE.

Bars and outdoor terraces are already open, albeit with limited capacity, but the Government is dragging its heels over the reopening of clubs.

“The guidelines were drawn up by doctors to try to ensure that people can enjoy an essential part of the Spanish life in a safe way,” said FNEOE spokesperson, Vicente Pizcueta, who hopes things will return to normal in July.

But just last week the Balearic Government asked the Ministry of Health not to allow nightclubs to open in phase 3, despite the fact that they’re included in that part of the coronavirus de-escalation process.


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Malcolm / Hace about 1 year

Do the masks have a hole for the straw then ? You know Just a idle thought.


Kim C / Hace about 1 year

Hope they will be able to open up the night clubs, they make the heart og the Islands beat.

We see a drop in Covid cases all over the world, so summer is the time to be together again.