The services sector has been particularly hard hit. | Teresa Ayuga

In May, unemployment in the Balearics rose 92% compared with May 2019. There were 35,792 more unemployed, and the percentage increase was the highest in the country. The rise from April was much smaller - 2,147 more unemployed (up 2.9%) - but there had already been a notable increase in unemployment in April.

Last month's unemployment total was 74,689, with the services sector particularly affected - 59,310. In construction there were 8,167 unemployed. Among foreign workers, overall unemployment rose 152% compared with last year - a total of 18,940 unemployed.

There were 11,283 employment contracts in May. Of these, 2,284 were permanent; the others were temporary. The total number was up by almost 30% from April (2,590 more contracts), but it was down 83.5% compared with May 2019. There were 137,418 benefits claims last month, when the number of benefits' claimants increased to 162,435.

In Spain as a whole, the rise in unemployment was 0.7% (compared with April) - 26,573 more unemployed. The national unemployment total was 3,857,776.