New Manacor coastal bus stops activate from Wednesday. | Ultima Hora


The new intercity stops in coastal areas of Manacor come into operation this Wednesday as part of the Insular Plan for regular passenger transport services in Majorca, according to the Ministry of Mobility & Transport.

The current stop in Plaza de la Savina in s’Illot is being replaced by two new ones on Avenida dels Pins.

The stop on the Son Servera road in Portocristo has been improved and there’s a new one to replace the stop on Calle Mitjà de Mar.

The stops in Calas de Mallorca have been relocated so there are now five new ones.

The stop in Cala Murada has been renovated and three new ones have been created and the stops in Cala Mendia have also been improved.

Comfort & Security

The Transport Consortium says the aim is to increase the comfort and safety of passengers and improve traffic flow.

Twelve new modular canopies equipped with seats and time showcases have been installed.

Road safety has been improved and two elevated pedestrian crossings, speed reducers and new vertical and horizontal signs have been installed.

Pavements have been widened and new ones installed at some stops for people with visual impairments.

The project was carried out in agreement with the City of Manacor and other Local Entities and cost 60,000 euros.

Plans are already underway to improve stops in the city centre this summer, which include the creation of an interchange stop at Molí d'en Polit, an extension to the Rambla del Rei stop in Jaume, and a new one-way stop.