sa Dragonera, Majorca. archive photo. | Ultima Hora

Capacity at sa Dragonera Natural Park is being reduced to 200 people at one time and the number of boats allowed to anchor in the coves will also be limited, according to Aurora Ribot, Vice President of the Council and Insular Minister of Sustainability & Environment.

Human pressure

Ribot says the measures are part of a Management Plan being developed by the Council and the Government within the framework of the World Environment Day celebrations.

The restrictions will not take effect this summer because the regulations haven’t been approved yet.

At the moment, informants and Medi Ambient agents are controlling capacity and limiting the number of visitors from Sant Elm.

Minister Ribot has called on the Balearic Government to expand protected areas, such as Rafalbeig in El Toro, and sa Dragonera. Only the islets and inland waters, located between them and the coast of Majorca currently belong to the Natural Park.

She also wants the Central Government to set up an emission control zone in the Mediterranean to improve air quality and limit pollution from cruise ships and other vessels.

"This Covid-19 crisis has taught us that when human pressure is lowered, the environment recovers," said Minister Ribot.