Son Banya residents determined to fight for decent housing.

Eighty-five families still reside In the Son Banya shanty town. There are 95 dwellings, and Palma town hall has initiated the process for the second phase of eviction and demolition. The welfare department estimates that 68 of these families will need financial assistance with finding somewhere else to live, this assistance ranging between 15,000 and 20,000 euros.

A spokesperson for the remaining families, Carlos Cortés Rado, insists that there cannot be consent to being given 15,000 euros and leaving it at that. "There'll be a few months' rent, and then what. We will fight and go as far as it takes in ensuring that the rights of the families who still live in Son Banya are respected. No one will be leaving if the town hall doesn't provide them with a property in exchange for the ones in Son Banya. We will do all the necessary protesting, and if we have to go on hunger strike, then we will."

Cortés explains that a letter was sent to the mayor, José Hila, some ten days ago. This asked for a meeting, but the only response was "that they will call us". "We don't want to be at war with anyone, but we will do everything possible to have decent housing. Otherwise, the families will not leave. If the day comes when the machines appear in order to continue with the demolitions and agreement has not been reached, we will stand up and if necessary not let them pass."